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Our custom designs are made to order, so please allow up to 28 days for production (depending on our order queue).


Custom Cartoon Character Art Nailsets for unique nail art, whatever your favorite character inspiration! Each nail is intricately painted by hand for a mini-masterpiece!


Our Press on Nailsets is solely painted by NYC-based artist Moet Cristal. Every nail is individually, meticulously painted with quality gel polishes, as if it was a miniature canvas. Designed with you in mind and painted with love!

Custom Press On Nails Level 3: SIMPLE ART

  • FREE Sizing Kit, sent out in advance

    Your custom nailset

    Application instruction card

    Application kit:

    • 1 nail glue

    • 1 nail buffer

    • 1 nail file for application prep

    • 2 wooden cuticle sticks

    • 2 Isopropyl alcohol wipes

    • 2 sheets of nail sticker tabs

Colorful. Reusable. Customizable. Beautiful, Miniature Wearable Works of Art.png
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