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Sizing Kits

Sizing Kits are the first step to purchasing a custom Press-On Nailset.


Each Nail Shape we offer has a different width and depth/apex, so for this reason, for each new Nail Shape that you wish to order,

you will need to be fitted first with a sizing kit. 

They ensure a perfect fit as you can get a first look and feel for the shape and length of your future set before your order is made. Coordinated Sizing Kits can also act as accent nails to add to your collection!

Basic Sizing Kit: 

Comes with 10 Nails with Numbers on Top

+ Sizing Info Card

Nails are unpainted, one of each size 0-9

$10 for Each Nail Shape

Coordinated Sizing Kit:

Comes with 10 Nails (with Numbers Under)

+ Sizing Info Card

One of each size nail (0-9) are included,

painted in your color choice,

and finished off with your choice of matte or gloss top coat

$15 for 1 Nail Shape / 2 Nail Shapes for $25

Nail Shapes

NAIL SHAPES Available:

Choose between today's most popular

nail shapes in a variety of lengths.

Standard Lengths:

Short Oval/Round

Short Coffin

Short Square*

Short Stiletto*

Medium Stiletto

Medium Almond

Medium Oval/Round*

Medium Coffin

Medium Ballerina

Medium Square*

Long Coffin

Long Stiletto

*New/Not Pictured




Extended Lengths, available for an additional fee,

give an extra dramatic effect for your special occasions.

Perfect for the finishing touch of a Halloween Costumes, Cosplay, Drag Outfits, a hot new Music Video, or Photoshoots:

XXL Coffin

XXL Square

XXL Stiletto

5XL Square

5XL Stiletto

Colorful Bubbles

How to use 
our Sizing kits

Back Massage

1) Getting Started

 Let's start with clean hands and on bare nails, with no nail extensions or polish. Grab a pen to note your sizes. Try on the enclosed numbered nail tips to size each nail, on both your left and right hand.
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2) Getting the right fit

The nail should fit comfortably from sidewall to sidewall, with minimal pushing down. If a nail is too tight,
it can be harder to glue securely, and easier to pop off.
If you are between sizes, it’s better to order a size up and file it down to shape with the included application kit.
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Copying Down

3) Take Note

Use the enclosed card to write down your sizes for safe keeping and future nail purchases. 
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4) Pass it on!

Be kind to the environment - Let's give these nails a new life. Once you have your sizes, Pass your Press On Nail Sizing Kit on to a friend! Share this beauty secret and slay together with your bestie! 
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Copying Down

5) Shop for your Set!

With this completed Size Card handy, Message us to Start your custom nail order!
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If you are interested in purchasing a nailset, 
MESSAGE US using the chat box on the lower right corner to start your order!

My Sizing Kit
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