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All of our nail sets are handpainted with durable gel polish, and designed to give you a one-of-a-kind mani makeover at home!

Custom Chic

CHIC Designs feature simple solid colors or single effects resulting in classic nailset designs at our most affordable price.

CHIC designs include:
-Solid colors, simple glitters, and crisp matte nails 
-Monochrome sets (ex. all shades of pink)

-Simple French Tips in any color

These are a great addition to any outfit, polishing off your look, or great to coordinate with a GLAM or ART nail set as an accent.

Custom Glam

GLAM Designs are bold and bright.


You'll be shining with possibilities of glitter, multiple effects, painted patterns, decor, and gems.


A GLAM set is a great way to slay a costume, adorn a special occasion dress with some bling, or elevate any outfit with a manicure fit for royalty. 

Custom Art

ART Designs are unique, one-of-a-kind nailsets where every nail is intricately hand-painted with your design.

Choose an ART set if you want:
-Handpainted artwork on each nail
-Mixed and match nailset
-Nails with your name and some art that represents you
-Cartoon artwork and more

Nail Add-ons

Prices starting at:

CUSTOM CHIC - Single Color Solid Set


CUSTOM CHIC - Monochromatic Tones 


CUSTOM CHIC - Frenchie Chic Set


CUSTOM CHIC - Reflex Glitter Set


CUSTOM GLAM - Raw Glitter Set


CUSTOM GLAM - Encapsulated Glitter Set


CUSTOM GLAM - Metallic / Chrome set


CUSTOM GLAM - Kawaii Sticker Fun Set


CUSTOM GLAM -  Marble and Gemstone Set


CUSTOM ART - Simple Pattern Art


CUSTOM ART - Simple Cartoon Art Set


CUSTOM ART - Character Art Freestyle Set


CUSTOM ART - Illustrated Art Set


CUSTOM ART - Detailed Character Art Set


CUSTOM ART - Handmade 3D Charm Designs + Character Art Set


CUSTOM ART - GLAM + Handmade 3D Charms + Character Art Set


ADD ON - Pair of Accent Nail Add On

$10 Chic  /  $18 Glam  /  $30 Art

ADD ON - Replacement Nail Add On

$5 Chic  /  $12 Glam  /  $15 Art

ADD ON - Additional Art Fee

$4 increments

ADD ON - Basic Sizing Kit


ADD ON - Coordinated Sizing Kit

$15 for one style  /  2 styles for $25

ADD ON - Application Kit


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