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All of our nail sets are handpainted with durable gel polish, and designed to give you a one-of-a-kind mani makeover at home!

CHIC Designs feature simple solid colors or single effects resulting in classic nailset designs at our most affordable price.

CHIC designs include:
-Solid colors, simple glitters, and crisp matte nails 
-Monochrome sets (ex. all shades of pink)

-Simple French Tips in any color

These are a great addition to any outfit, polishing off your look, or great to coordinate with a GLAM or ART nail set as an accent.

GLAM Designs are bold and bright.


You'll be shining with possibilities of glitter, multiple effects, painted patterns, decor, and gems.


A GLAM set is a great way to slay a costume, adorn a special occasion dress with some bling, or elevate any outfit with a manicure fit for royalty. 

ART Designs are unique, one-of-a-kind nailsets where every nail is intricately hand-painted with your design.

Choose an ART set if you want:
-Handpainted artwork on each nail
-Mixed and match nailset
-Nails with your name and some art that represents you
-Cartoon artwork and more

Prices starting at:

CUSTOM CHIC - Single Color Solid Set


CUSTOM CHIC - Peekaboo Color Set


CUSTOM CHIC - Frenchie Chic Set


CUSTOM CHIC - Reflex Glitter Flash Gel Set


CUSTOM GLAM - Raw Glitter Set or

Encapsulated Glitter Set


CUSTOM GLAM - Metallic or Chrome set


CUSTOM GLAM - Kawaii Sticker Fun Set


CUSTOM GLAM -  Marble and Gemstone Set


CUSTOM ART - Simple Pattern Art


CUSTOM ART - Simple Cartoon Art Set




ADD ON - Application Kit


ADD ON - Basic Sizing Kit


ADD ON - Replacement Nail Add On

$5 Chic  /  $12 Glam  /  $15 Art

ADD ON - Additional Art Fee

$5 increments

ADD ON - Coordinated Sizing Kit

$15 for one style  /  2 styles for $25

ADD ON - Pair of Accent Nail Add On

Price varies. Send us a message for a quote

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Nail Shapes

Sizing Kits are the first step to purchasing a custom Press-On Nailset.


Each Nail Shape we offer has a different width and depth/apex, so for this reason, for each new Nail Shape that you wish to order,

you will need to be fitted first with a sizing kit. 

They ensure a perfect fit as you can get a first look and feel for the shape and length of your future set before your order is made. Coordinated Sizing Kits can also act as accent nails to add to your collection!

Basic Sizing Kit: 

Comes with 10 Nails with Numbers on Top

+ Sizing Info Card

Nails are unpainted, one of each size 0-9

$10 for Each Nail Shape

Coordinated Sizing Kit:

Comes with 10 Nails (with Numbers Under)

+ Sizing Info Card

One of each size nail (0-9) are included,

painted in your color choice,

and finished off with your choice of matte or gloss top coat

$15 for 1 Nail Shape / 2 Nail Shapes for $25

NAIL SHAPES Available:

Choose between today's most popular

nail shapes in a variety of lengths.

Standard Lengths:

Short Oval/Round

Short Coffin

Short Square*

Short Stiletto*

Medium Stiletto

Medium Almond

Medium Oval/Round*

Medium Coffin

Medium Ballerina

Medium Square*

Long Coffin

Long Stiletto

*New/Not Pictured




featuring silver reflex glitter flash gel

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Contact us

You can message us directly about your order details via the chat box on the lower right corner of the screen!

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Direct payment / tIPs


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