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How To: 
Remove Your 
Press On Nails 

Our press-on nails are designed using gel products for the strength and durability to reuse them!


The most important part of this process is being patient and gentle so that you do not damage your natural nails by prying off layers of the nail plate, nor do you damage the Press on nail by exerting excess force. 

Gather your Supplies

if your nails are showing some signs of lifting it is the ideal time to remove your press-on nail set.  


For the best results in removing your press on nails, You will need: cuticle oil, a bowl, a wooden cuticle stick, a buffer and/or a nail file, hand soap or dish soap, and warm water.


Prep your Skin + Soak

First, you will take your Clean Hands and put cuticle oil around the edges of your nails / cuticle.

Secondly, you will prepare your finger soak by getting the warmest/hottest enjoyable water in a bowl, putting soap in it, mixing it around to create a soak.


Soak Time

Take your hands and submerge your nails in the warm water soaking for 10 minutes at a time. You may need two bowls or a large bowl for removing nails from both hands at the same time. 



After the first 10 minutes you can look at your nails and see if any of your press ons are lifting off the natural nail.

A slight rocking motion of the nail, pressing nails down in the bowl, or Gently lifting the nail with the cuticle stick will allow the soapy water to break down the bond between the nails.

Do not pry the nails off--if it's not lifting easily, Return your nails with soaking bowl. If your nails are very well glued on this process can take up to 40 minutes. 

After the First or second soak you may want to replace the water to make sure that it is warm/hot enough. Repeat the process until you can pop all the nails off your fingers.


Prep for the Next Set

Dry off your hands and your press on nails. Use a buffing block to remove any excess nail glue or sticky tab residue left on your natural nails.  

If you are going to rock your natural nails, this is the perfect time to Push back your cuticles, apply cuticle oil and hand lotion.


If you are going to apply another press on set,  thoroughly dry your hands of and use a nail dehydrator, 70% alcohol, or acetone to prep your natural nail for a new nailset.

Reusing the
Press on nails: 

When you are done with removing your press-on nails thoroughly dry them with a paper towel and look on the underside of the nail for nail glue and sticky tab residue. This can be removed with a buffing block,  with a nail file,  and most easily with an e-file,  aka electric hand file machine. 

Similar to the removal process, the filing process must be done gently. Simply remove the underside residue, File the cuticle area or the free edges if necessary, and wipe the surface with an alcohol wipe to prep for reuse. Do not use acetone on your press-on nails.

Affordable and portable e-file machines are available at drug stores,  beauty supply stores,  nail supply stores, and on Amazon.  

Check out my recommendation for e-files of different price points here. 


Pro Tips:

Because this process can take a while, especially with a full prep and glue application, you might as well put on a favorite TV show, podcast, or even a movie while you start soaking off the nails. 


if you applied your nails with glue, you want to make sure that you have worn your nails for some time. Because the nail Read submerge your hand in the waterglue creates a strong bond, removing glue applied press-ons on the same day that they are put on, when they show no sign of lifting, is not recommended. 


Be prepared.  Get everything that you need all together before you even start. 

If you’d like some recommendations, Check out my fave products for easy nail removal and essential skin care products for your hands. 


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