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Want to add that little extra FUN to your nail set? Add a custom 3D character, exaggerated color-matched texture, or a sculpted embellishment unique to your set. 3D Elements pictured an oversized heart charm and a 3D pipe charm.

Message us with your ideas for your quote and we'll instruct you to choose a basic, moderate, or intricate design-level charm to add to your order. I will build and sculpt a unique nail charm, paint it to match whatever theme, and securely add it to your new nailset, per your request!


This is a Nail Art Add-on item, so by default, it ships free as it will be attached to the nailset in your order. Contact us for more info via DM on Instagram or Contact us Directly using the chat box in the lower right corner. 

Custom 3-D Element / Charm Add On

PriceFrom $6.00
  • Some examples of basic charm designs:



    Gemstone effect applique

    Simple shapes, painted to your request

Colorful. Reusable. Customizable. Beautiful, Miniature Wearable Works of Art.png
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