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Interested in a nail set and not sure of your size?

Ensure a great fit and Order a Sizing kit.


Sizing kits come in basic or coordinated styles. Every sizing kit comes with:

- 10 nails in sizes 0-9 in your chosen style/length

- An instructions card and a card to keep note of your sizes

- This item ships for $1


Basic Sizing Kit: You’ll receive 10 plain nail tips with numbers written on the top to easily identify your sizes.


Upgrade to a Coordinated sizing kit for a sneak peek of your future Chic, Glam or Art Nailset with a solid or styled set of 10 nails from sizes 0-9.


Coordinated sizing kit: You’ll receive 10 finished gel polished nails, with easy-to-read numbers on the underside to easily identify your sizes. Keep the nails that fit you as future accent nails for your collection!

Press On Nails Sizing Kit

PriceFrom $10.50
    Colorful. Reusable. Customizable. Beautiful, Miniature Wearable Works of Art.png
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