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Welcome to Moet Cristal Studios

We are all told, to “live your life to the fullest" — After years of letting depression and anxiety rule my life — from witnessing domestic violence, being bullied for my weight and quirks that were in most parts just my neurodiversity.

I am here to live my life - out loud And Live in my passion. My nail and art designs are a vessel to pour my creativity into!

I love creating new experiments, recreating iconic artworks, putting my twist on fun concepts and sharing my uplifting energy thru my content.

Enjoy my artwork on a reusable press on nailset or a colorful piece of home decor to bring some shine into your life.

Shopping MoetCristalStudios supports a Queer, NuyoRican Artist and Plus Size Model with the goal to make an income and impact with my art and content creation. Thank you for your support!

MoetCristalStudios is an up and coming art studio that features the artwork of NYC based artist Moet Cristal. Shop Press On Nails and more at:

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