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Open For Custom Orders!

Hey everyone!!

Starting tomorrow September 19, 2022, Custom Press-On Nailset orders will be accepted on weekly, limited basis on my instagram page and by email

Monday through Friday 12pm noon- 8 pm my DMS are open and I'm excited to respond swiftly to your order requests.

Requests are taken in chronological order, first come, first serve. Please allow for 5-14 days of painting/processing and an additional week or so for standard USPS Shipping, (included free with every order.)

It can be about 3-4 weeks for an average turnaround for your custom artwork! This is because I'm the sole artist of my business and I get awesome, detailed orders to fulfill. Amazing art takes time! So if you're looking for a unique way to dress up your Halloween costume, NOWS the time to place that order!

Check out my Nail Menu Page for more information about pricing,

Currently We accept Cash App, Venmo, as well as Credit and Debit, and Affirm payment plans through my Poshmark page. (We are working on the backend of our site to be able to accept orders on our site by the holiday season - sign up for our email updates and stay tuned!)

Of course -- You can always DM me on Instagram, message me through the Wix app, or send me an email, at any time, with any questions that you may have!!

Thank you for your support with my Press On Nail Art Business!!!



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