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Updated: Nov 22, 2023

In my personal life, I'm often called "The guy in the chair." I'm always coming across new resources in my research and I love to share these opportunities with people who may find them useful.

This is a working master list of resources I'm beginning to archive to support and benefit the professional creative community. This may include classes, courses, and learning communities; useful apps & websites; giveaways, grants, loans; links to concepts, infographics, and videos; or other unique opportunities for artists, creatives, and small business entrepreneurs.

FTC disclaimer: Links contained on my blog and in this post may be affiliate links where I receive a commission based on your purchase.


They have many courses for Free, including a 40-hour digital certification course from Google about digital marketing. This is an awesome way to begin or pinpoint areas of improvement for the marketing of your business! For those looking for a boost in their employability skills, you can also put this on your resume/CV when certification is completed.

For those who want to delve deeper into case studies and technical information on Marketing to improve on their business practices, check out Marketing: An Introduction, Global Edition 14th Edition

Get access to over 180 different courses in subjects from Photography and Painting, to Writing and Journalism, to Cooking and Wellness, and more! All classes are taught by world-class professionals in their fields. I've enjoyed over 2 years of classes with Masterclass, including learning Branding tips from Kris Jenner, the ever-growing importance of Gardening from Ron Finley, and really enjoyed learning about the personal journey of switching careers by one of Peloton's top instructors Robin Arzon.


Update: 1/25/2023:

Video Creators Academy:

If you're interested in YouTube, so I wanted to let you know about this free 5-Day YouTube 1K Challenge that's sharing crazy, in-depth YouTube strategies for 2023. It will teach you how to get your first 1k subscribers and earn your first $1k on YouTube and beyond!

It will also help you with ways to overcome the most common enemies of Youtube growth like no time, lack of confidence, lack of clarity, and more. Join thousands of other creators just like you in this free challenge by signing up really quickly at (it should take under 5 minutes). If you're really busy and don't think you'll have time for the challenge... don't worry! You can still do this challenge on your own schedule. It's really worth catching as much of it as you can.

P.S. You'll also be able to enter to win tons of cool tech including a complete YouTube studio setup! Hope you can join me!


I hope this post is helpful to you! Every day is another day to learn something new! ❤️

I've started this list to help share some of the amazing resources I come across as I've built my own business. This post will be updated as I find more resources to share.

Please leave a comment on this post (even just a heart emote) if you've found any of the links helpful! Thank you!

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