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Curvy Peach
Lucious Lippies

I'm the artist behind the creations, Moet -

a Mixed Media Visual Artist and Plus-size Model.


I love using my creations to express my emotions, improve my mental health, and experience as a fat, queer Latina living my best life.


Since my youth, I’ve been experimenting and developing my creative skills and processes. I find inspiration everywhere I look, and that inevitably filters down into my work.
As an artistic professional, I’m always looking
for the next opportunity to translate what I experience into art.
It’s no lie to say I live, breathe and dream of art, as it is truly uplifting, connecting, and therapeutic to me.
I also personally love the challenge of creating
beautiful decor and creations from various raw materials.
I have experience in a range of media, although I have my own particular preferences that I keep coming back to.
I work in Mixed media including digital media, photography, and traditional media such as Gouache, Watercolor & Acrylic paints, crafting, sculpting, using upcycled materials, and more.

Check out my galleries to see my work.

I am on a never-ending journey to find new ways to innovate and add extra depth to my work. Follow me on Instagram and TikTok to discover my artistic influences and YouTube where plan to start showing behind-the-scenes and time-lapses some of my proudest accomplishments.

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about Moet Cristal:

Moet Cristal Studios is a colorful, creative art & media studio by Queer Puerto Rican artist Moet Cristal.

Her body of work includes intricate nail designs,
paintings, digital drawings,
crafted and curated items,
 focusing on sex-positive,
FAT-positive imagery.
Through her visual and multimedia works,
Moet Cristal's work explores limitless creativity,
expresses her neurodiversity, & celebrates life. 


We are all told,
to “live your life to the fullest"
After years of letting depression and anxiety rule my life,
I am here to do what I love & Live my passions.


My designs are a vessel to pour my creativity into! 

I love creating uplifting, meaningful content, artwork, and colorful products for you to enjoy!

Shopping for my designs supports my goal to support myself full time with art and content creation.

Thank you for your support!